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What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply an altered state of awareness which is brought about firstly by physical relaxation, followed by mental relaxation.

In the hypnotic state a subject is far more responsive to suggestion.


Under hypnosis, the critical, analytical, conscious part of the mind is partially displaced, to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the depth of hypnosis – allowing more direct penetration to the subconscious. The subconscious part of our minds does not have the ability to discriminate and is, therefore, far more receptive to the sort of suggestions which the conscious mind might reject.

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Why is it successful in treating such a wide range of conditions?

Many habits, illnesses and diseases have their origins in our subconscious, analogous to faulty programming in a computer.  

Not only does hypnosis allow for the placement of positive, life enhancing suggestions, it further allows access to the repositories or memory banks of the subconscious, enabling the client to identify root causes of their unwanted behaviours and, with guidance, to eliminate them.

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Will I Be Out Of Control?

At all times the client retains control. Even individuals who enter very deep states of hypnosis (known as somnambulists) are still sufficiently aware to regulate their reaction to suggestions. If something were put to them under hypnosis, which fell outwith their moral code or values or was, for whatever reason unacceptable to them, the hypnotised subject would either ignore it or come out of hypnosis.
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How Do I Go About Making An Enquiry/Appointment?

Enquiries can be made:
• by telephone or email
• by the actual client or someone acting on their behalf

We only take bookings however by telephone and only from the actual client themselves.

If a potential client decides to make an appointment, we ask that they allow a 2 hour period as the initial 40 – 45 minutes provides the opportunity for an informal exchange of information between the client and therapist. The purpose of this is:

• to allow the therapist to gain information from the client regarding their presenting complaint, and any other    general information regarding health, life-style etc. as may be appropriate to the session.

• to provide the opportunity for the therapist to give a more in depth explanation of the use of hypnosis, the value of suggestion therapy and the use of hypnoanalysis as options for consideration.  The therapist will also answer any further questions which the client may have.

• to let the client decide whether or not they are comfortable with the therapist, as trust and rapport are essential elements in the induction and deepening of the hypnotic state.

If at the end of the discussion, the client does not wish to proceed with the hypnosis, then there is no obligation to do so and no charge will be levied.

If however a session of hypnosis is desired, this will take about a further 1 hour. The charge for this and any subsequent sessions is £70.00 (£90 for stop smoking) (Concessions apply)

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How Many Sessions Will I Require?

In a first session we usually only utilise suggestion therapy, the accessing of any root cause(s) being left to subsequent sessions.

These initial two sessions usually result in very positive change.  Depending on the presenting complaint however, further sessions may be required however  ONLY if the therapist considers there is genuine gain to be made by the client engaging in further sessions would this be suggested.

At no time is the client obligated to return.

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Will The Therapist Be Male Or Female?

Although it makes no difference to the treatment offered, the Centre recognises that for some patients there is a greater degree of comfort in having a therapist of a particular gender.
Fortunately we have both a male and female therapist in the practice and if you would prefer to work with one or the other simply let the person taking the booking know and it will be arranged so.

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What Sort Of Conditions Do You Work With?

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